Saim Akif

CPA, CFA, CAMS, Realtor

Cryptocurrency and Virtual Currency Accounting
Real Estate and Construction Accounting

Saim Akif, CPA, CFA, CAMS, Realtor

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CPA, CFA, CAMS, and Realtor 

Saim Akif is an accountant specializing in cryptocurrency, real estate and construction, accounting and tax

A Specialist in Industries Where Expertise Matters

"Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting investment opportunity, and I enjoy following the latest developments and chatter while also keeping an eye on changing regulations and tax burdens. I'm all about being on the cutting edge!"

Cryptocurrency Accounting
Construction & Real Estate Accounting
Investment Business Accounting
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Saim has over a decade of accounting experience, and specializing cryptocurrency and real estate and construction accounting, which means you get…

"I want to lead from an informed place. I even became a licensed realtor to better understand the process."

No situation or setup is too complex, no mess too far gone to clean up. Together, we can set you up for success.

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CPA, CFA, CAMS, Realtor
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I interviewed many CPAs and they did not satisfy my needs, but when I met with Akif CPA and spoke with Saim, I knew that I had what I was looking for. Saim also specializes in Cryptocurrency, which was a total winner for me as not many CPAs are versed in this area as it is so new, but Saim and his crew certainly did a fine job and I was very happy with the result.
Paul Garvey
We interviewed a few CPAs and upon meeting Saim, we immediately knew we would be choosing him. He was very friendly and actually asked us what our needs and wants were for our taxes. Saim was one of the only CPAs who was knowledgable in Cryptocurrency. He had experience in filing Crypto taxes, which many other CPAs knew very little to nothing about.
Ariel Fleischman
Best real estate CPAs in Texas! I highly recommend if you have rental properties and businesses. They know what they are doing, even if you have a construction business. I usually don't leave reviews, but Akif CPA is simply the best for all your real estate needs. Akif CPA is simply the best for all of your real estate needs. Excellent communication and very easy to work with and very friendly.
Gloria Velez

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"Every phone call ends with 'Don't worry, we're here to help you. We'll take care of this.'"

Saim Akif, CPA, CFA, CAMS, Realtor

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